The new city electric treadmill folding goodbuy U1 will raise the line in the "public Jingdong mall"

Shirey Cui

In November 20, 2016, U1 was officially launched in Tianjin. Jingdong public chip is also launched in December 2nd to launch the online display, and officially started in 6. The models of the Jingdong to raise the price of 1999 yuan, Fanmen stores and individual groups to raise the public value that can get a gift. In addition, the subsequent upgrade model U2, U3 is also expected to be listed in the year.

The conference site has attracted attention from all over the country dealers and the media, reporters at the scene learned that some dealers even came from Fujian, Xiamen, Guangdong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Heilongjiang and other places, and the days to the group division and lithium battery can support line agents and service providers, which the foundation to ensure the public to raise product zero complaint. At the scene, many dealers immediately communicated with the manufacturers about vehicle information and agent requirements after driving the U1. During the follow-up process, the scene of the scene of the distributor arrived, and the scene was very warm.

Goodbuy intelligent electric treadmill U1 is a lightweight, intelligent, portable, with the 12AH 48 volt power, easy to reach more than 70 kilometers of mileage, and smart box provided by the interaction of people and vehicles with anti-theft and other functions, in the industry to create a plurality of first, by city traffic travel and driving on behalf of market of high concern.

R & D, production of the car is Tianjin grams Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd is currently the field of motor Chinese central drive leader. Assembly system, BMS bus and PAS power management system management system plays an important role in the industry drive motor common development and National Key Laboratory of the Tianjin University study of internal combustion engine, the company products are exported to overseas markets, goodbuy intelligent U1 into the domestic automobile market to raise public mode for the public's first product, from the design, configuration, coating and adjustment, can have great originality.

According to statistics, the United States, Europe and other developed countries, 95% are using a treadmill electric motor, the output of higher efficiency, lower noise, more smooth, more stable, and the following car is very prominent, durable higher performance, longer service life. On rye U1, the related technology was implanted, and U was different in the feeling of riding.

This is experienced people say "this car is not the car!"

By virtue of the unique advantage of technology and rich experience in the field of the mid drive motor, a plurality of segments of a security product line has been covering commuter travel, leisure, sports, etc., launch goodbuy intelligent U1, is the first of its kind, pulled up configuration and technical level to a new level, will further promote the diversification of and technology upgrading of domestic electric bicycle market.