About Us

Easy Electricity Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is a professional high-end electric cars, bicycles and accessories development, production enterprises.

The internal combustion engine research cooperation with Tianjin University State Key Laboratory, jointly developed the most advanced mid drive motor, and as a core, and the United States of San Jose University and the Stanford University team developed with the characteristics of lightweight bicycle central drive electric power bicycle, exported to Australia, Britain, the United States, Sweden, Norway and other countries. Alto is Chinese consul in California city Palo American car museum.The internal combustion engine Research Institute of Tianjin University is a national certification unit. It is responsible for the research and development of frontier technology, the establishment of industry standards, and the certification of products, and its technology has always been at the world class level. The development of the intermediate motor, its unique manpower and support system, the perfect solution to the shortcomings of the traditional hub motor. At the same time, the company and the Tianjin University of Technology College of mechanical engineering of friendly cooperation, the structure and style of vehicle design, equipped with the latest lithium ion battery, the world famous brand transmission, front fork, brakes, tires, and ultimately create the world first-class product excellence, let your heart have how far, you can go far, become "you start to change life, exercise, hiking, riding a good partner.